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Bluehost Webhosting Review

Bluehost is a top-ranked budget web host. Since 1996, the company has been in hosting. Although there are cheaper options, the features you get for the $6.95 per month fee make this company a solid choice.

It is important to keep in mind that not all hosting services advertise their prices the same. Similar to an advertisement for airfare, or for a computer that lists prices starting at X, you will likely not get the service you need for the same price. Bluehost is proud to offer a flat rate with no hidden fees such as transfer or start fees.

Many hosting companies will offer scalable pricing systems that can be customized to your needs. Although domain hosting may be affordable at a fraction of the cost, prices can rise if they are required to manage your website. Business-level services are more expensive than building a blog with bluehost.

Prices rise even further once you start to get into the realm of dedicated hosting. This company has a potential flaw in that it offers a one-off package that cannot be scaled to meet your needs. However, most users will be happy with the package offered.

This provider can manage all your needs, even if you have multiple sites. Unlimited storage space is available and you can host unlimited domains. This includes sub-domains, addons, and parked domains. This means that you can host multiple sites and can include subsections that correspond with different branches of your company. However, “unlimited” does not mean that you won’t be charged additional fees for usage. It just means that you won’t have all the power you need to accomplish your specific purposes.

Even if your website serves as a storefront for a larger organization, communication needs can also be met. You have access to 2,500 e-mail addresses, either in secure POP3 format or IMAP format. Your monthly fee covers this. Members of your organisation can access their e mail accounts from anywhere with web-based webmail apps that can be accessed remotely. Using built-in mailing lists functionality, certain communication functions can be automated.

There are many ways to access your servers. These include the browser-based control panel and Secure Shell access. FTP access is also available. The hosting package includes many functions that most users will not need. Additionally, the control panel gives you access to all the resources available. These functions can also be executed in a way to ensure compatibility with different operating systems.

Bluehost allows you to test drive the interface so that you are sure it meets all your needs. Although this demo presentation is common in webhosting, it is not a standard practice. This is a sign that the company cares about long-term relationships and client satisfaction. It is also a positive sign that customers can access technical support via telephone at any time, 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine. 

Customers are highly satisfied with the service provided by tech-support staff. They are sometimes victims of their own success, which is the only problem with the company. Their expanding customer base can sometimes tax their system beyond their limits before they are able to upgrade their systems to adjust. Bluehost’s customers are generally very happy.